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                             My painting on Apsara- Sketching on A4 size paper

Apsara is supernatural being and who are supposed to be most beautiful, ageless and skillful in art and dancing. Apsara are the court dancers of the king of Gods-Indra. As per our hindu mythology, there are existence of many Apsara, but mainly 108 apsara is most important. In out of 108 Apsara, Urvashi, Menaka, Tilotama and Rambha are most famous.

There are many Apsara related story present in Puranas, epics, legands & Hindu scriptures. Due to these reason there are lots of sadhana for Apsara siddhi for achieve desired beauty, pleasure and happiness in their life. It is supposed that after achieving success or sidhi in Apsara sadhana, Apsara comes in real life and she helps to fullfill every desire in his/her life.
They have been beautifully depicted in sculpture and painting in India and throughout areas of South and Southeast Asia influenced by Apsara. Famous examples are the 5th–6th-century frescoes at Ajanta in India and at Sigiriya in Sri Lanka and the sculptures and bas-reliefs decorating the temples of Angkor, Cambodia.
There are lack of detail information on whole Apsara except some famous Apsara. There are lots of research work is needed for collecting whole information on the basis of actual or real experience from actual Apsara Sadhak. In comming future, if I am success on the grace of our Respected Pujya Gurudev, I will present all information related to Apsara sadhana.
Here, I have given some little information on Apsara. My main objective is to present my Apsara painting collection which is very useful for Apsara Sadhak. This is picture of a particular Apsara which has important position in 108 Apsara. If needed, I will give detail information on that Apsara.
 This is poster color on size-22" x 15.5" (H x W) of 410 GSM paper (Handmade Paper)

My painting on Apsara- Sketching on A4 size paper 

My painting on Apsara-Sketch work on A4 size paper

My painting on Apsara-Water colour on A4 size paper

My painting on Apsara-Sketching work on A4 size paper

My painting on Apsara-Sketching work on A4 size paper

My painting on Apsara- Watercolor work on A4 size paper
This painting has sold on 4th July-2014 @ Rs. 75000.00

My Painting on Apsara-Watercolor work on A4 size paper

My painting on Apsara-Wotercolor work on A4 size paper


roshan kumar said...

nice painting

Manoj Kumar said...

Thanks Roshan....if you need any information regarding on are most welcome..

astro mantra said...

sir i am an engineer and also doing sadhana from last 10 years .logo ki seva karya bhi karta hu apsara sadhana ki madad se apna andar prakrutik sondarya ko badana chahta hu sath hi sath kuch aur bhi visist karya mujha sampan karne sai ram

Manoj Kumar said...


You are doing sadhana from last ten years, amazing....have you understand the meaning of sadhana in spiritual life. Which types of sadhana you are doing from last ten years. Please tell me detail about your physical or spiritual life for understanding better about yourself this is important for giving you a right direction.

I appreciate or respect your spiritual life.


astro mantra said...

as i alredy say its not possible for me to decribe about myself ,mena apse ye apeksha nh ki thi ki mera spiritual life ki baat ap is prakar karoge.kisi blog par kisi admi ko bina jane uski spiritual life ke bare me baat karka kitna uchit he ye ap hi jana me kisi blog par apse ye sab baat nh kar sakta.lkn ye tarika apka galat he,sochna is baat par.aur jana tak spiritual life ki baat he ye sai ko pata he ki humne kya kiya he,aur ap jin sadguru ko manta he ,shrimaliji bhi apse naraj hi honge karna baat ap unse telepathy se.jai mahhakaal

Manoj Kumar said...

Dear, If you heart, I am purpose is not to hurt you because no any one perfect in this world expect Sad GURU or GOD.

Nature (Physical & Spiritual) does not work or exist on any person's expectation. Nature follow only own rules & regulation. I have no idea about your spiritual background,so how can I give you a right direction.

Now come to the main point, you want Apsara sadhana, mostly sadhak at his early stage, attracted towards Apsara sadhana due to opposite sex and this is a fact. But Apsara has a different meaning or purpose in spiritual world. Feeling of sex only at the level of MULADHAR OR SWADHISTHAN CHAKRA. After that chakara there is no existing sex feeling and Apsara world exist at the level of MANIPUR CHAKRA. If any sadhak success in Apsara sadhana, there are lots of factor working behind this, his spiritual growth, effect of his KARMA and one of the most important factor is- his GURU guidance or his GURU wishes.

You have written that you are doing sadhana from last 10 years. 10 years is sufficient for preparing a strong base for doing any sadhana and that level there is no need to guidence on this regard because there are lots of information available on Apsara sadhana in this technology world (book or internet) and success is totally depend on your effort and level of devotion towards your respected GURU.

You have a GURU, then express your desire to your respected GURU, you also written that you want Apsara sadhana for some specific purpose, your GURU know your actual problem/desire because GURU not see only present but also able to see past and future.

So your GURU gives a proper sadhana or direction as per your problem/desire/objective which is useful for your social and spiritual life growth and there is no any other person have an authority to guide you on your spiritual life, if you have GURU.

Dear, spiritual means not Apsara/Yakchini/Yogini sadhana, spiritual means a journey of life from mortal to immortal world, so there is no any importance of Apsara/Yakchini/Yogini sadhana in actual sadhak's spiritual life.

But you want Apasara sadhana any how, as per my view, you express or tell your feeling to your respected GURU, and try to understand your GURU's indication or guidance and blindly follow his GURU instruction without any suspicion. This is the only right approach for you.

Other wise you can take guidance from my respected Pujya Gurudev, he can give you a proper guidance because there are 108 Apsara as per our epics,so which Apsara is suitable for your spiritual life, he can only explain you but you try to maintain passion and faith in your life & you will sure success in Apsara sadhana.

Take care

sandip pravin said...

mai urvashi apsara ke pratksha darshan kara chahata hu,
krupya madat kare

Manoj Kumar said...

Dear Sandip

Apsara sidhi is not important, important is that where you are stand in spiritual world. You analysis about yourself, you understand the importance of Apsara and also analyse that Apsara is really needed for your life or not.

Apsara is not a consumer product which you can buy in any grocerry/Kirana shop.Today this type of situation is created by lots of stupid person for personal psycho benefit, he will unable to give anything to any person/sadhak, he only misleading or wastage a time of other sadhak.

Spiritual practice or progress cannot find in grocery shop like internet or book. Understand the importance of sadhna. Sadhna is not a short cut process, this is long term process and in this spiritual world passion should be must.

Apsara has only a spiritual meaning, so you understand the importance of Apsara. If you want to doing a Apsara sadhana for physical purpose then Apsara is not important for you and also there is no need a Apsara for you. Any social girl is sufficient for your social physical life purpose and also there is need a lots of struggle(social work) for this achieving purpose/objective.

Dear Sandip, human life is small, so you don't waste your time on un-directional objective or false dream. Apsara is true, you- can see,can touch, can talk and you can also discuss on spiritual topics and you can also get a information on cosmic world/spiritual world which is not useful for any social common people.
Rules and regulation of spiritual world is totally different from this physical world, so you decide, where you stand and what you want. If you really want to do a Apsara Sadhana or success in Apsara sadhana you follow some points:-
1) Forgot your physical purpose.
2) Need passion.
3) Need lots of spiritual practice.
4) This is long term practice (depends up on your KARMA).
5) Focus only on one sadhana (Apsara).

There is need a spiritual GURU for spiritual journey or sadhana, If you have already a GURU, then you please, requested to your GURU for the same. If you have not a GURU, then you accept GOD SHIV or GODDESS DURDA MAA for spiritual guidence and firstly do a Navarn Mantra Anusthan-9 lacs, this is importance for getting guidence or indication from MAA, then after do a chetna mantra anusthan-5 lacs-this is important for making your body activeness for any sadhana, this can also able to activate you KUNDALINI but it depends upon your concentration- both mantra are important for removal of your KARMA (which is main barrier ), karma removal is ongoing process, so you chant both mantra in your daily life for further success.

Please you do this, you feel lots of changes in your both life (spiritual or physical) and this will also give a opportunity to you for all prosperity and true happiness in your life. This is basic foundation for your Apsara sadhana. There is no shortcut rule in spiritual world. This seems hard but not impossible, you can do and everything is possible.

Your hard effort, your passion, your concentration will only give you a success.

Any problem write me,I will try to help you.


haridwar ganga said...

Dear sir;

by gods grace i find one GURU whom i love very much.he just miraculously ard off my problems .by his blessings my life is going fine.but , unfortunately i requested him for apsara sadhana initiation as i have verymuch dedication in apsara sadhana and waiting for his guidance from 1 year.

but,i am not getting his grace ,so,can you tell me for apsara sadhana initiation is there any jyotish problem in my janma kundli.

please help me

Manoj Kumar said...

Not at all...this is not a good sign .keep faith on your GURU..and keep patience...why not your GURU give any guidance on this...this is the matter of your GURU....and no any one interfere on this regard and you also not to move anywhere for this sadhana...try to please your GURU and show your ability and capability....Spiritual life is not effected by any Kundli (jyotish) problem..because spiritual life is directed or controlled by non materialistic world power and SAD GURU belong from non materialistic world...Kundli has effect only on social life (KARMA) and it helps to gives the prediction about future life on the basis of past life and this is the only prediction...but your future is on your hand, you can change your life or your future life on yourself.

Jyotish has effect on kundli, but you can change your destiny by own self and GURU has an important role on this regard especially for spiritual life, so keep patience and follow your GURU for direction. As per my suggestion, you should do 1.25 lacs gurumantra anusthan in proper way, it will gives you a great help....

Sandeep Nair said...

dear manoj ji,

really you have a great knowledge and i would like to know how to do apsara sadana and its procedure becoz i want to try it once and i have read in some blog that it has some side effects is that true.i humbly request you enlighten me in this subject as i dont have any physical guru in this world.
om namah shivay


Manoj Nikhil said...

Dear Sandeep

No, there is no any side effects of Apsara sadhana ( or any sadhana ) on social or spiritual life. Sadhana is not a medicine which gives a side effects, Sadhana means you are trying to touch some hidden cosmic truth which is resides in your cosmic body. This is also journey of power from low potential to high potential (from soul to Superpower).
Apsara is nothing, it is a platform or junction of cosmic wave among other cosmic platform where some specific cosmic world is existed and in this cosmic world, high energize soul is living in his cosmic body for further spiritual progress and Apsara is one of them.

For every sadhana, is a specific ritual process which process is best for you ie, matching a vibration of your cosmic body to other specific cosmic world. This can be done by only spiritual Guru and you cannot find this from book or internet or internet fake Guru.

So Guru is must for spiritual journey, As per my suggestion, firstly you search a real spiritual Guru for Guru Dikscha and then request for Apsara sadhana or any other sadhana and this is the best way for success in Apsara sadhana. You always remember Spiritual Guru is must for any success in sadhana otherwise you waste only your valuable time.

Procedure is not important because you can find any procedure from any spiritual book. Important is right approach, right process and linking process to specific Apsara and this is only done by spiritual Guru.

Normal human being or sadhak is unable to find indication or direction from immortal Guru (Shiv or any God) on sadhana.

Now I think you have a clear concept on sadhana which you want.

I wish for you that spiritual Guru come in your life and enlighten your spiritual life and success in your spiritual life.


Kauslanand Sanyasi said...

Bahut Khub, sahi kaha hai tumnay, es par ek pramanik grant ki aawasyakta hai, jismay puray pramanikta kay sath sabhi aapsrawoon ka vistar say sadhna kay saath varan ho, sabhi log gadhay ki tarah kewal nakal kar kitab chaap rahay hai dhan kamanay kay liyay or log bhramit ho raha hai..subh karya may maa jarur madad karegi...Jai Maa Kamakhaya.

Manoj Nikhil said...

Kosis to kar raha hun baki to PUJYA GURUDEV ki echha or aadesh hi sarvopari hai....Jai Gurudev.

Hemant Tiwari said...

I want to do this sadhana...but I think condition is tough for this...because meaning of Apsara is totally different from public view...Give me a guidence.

Manoj Nikhil said...

@Hemant-Need Guru for any sadhna, Please read blog/discussion carefully, it will give you a clear concept on this regard, after that if you need any help please mail to me on

Satya Singh said...

Main pichhle 11saalo se dainik sadhna kar raha hu .
Mujhe apsara sadhna sikhne Ke bari ichha hai.kripya mardarsgan kare

Manoj Nikhil said...

Great, but this is not important that you spend 10 years on your everyday worship. Important is that how much concentration or mediation power you have gain during this long period.

Most of temple priest also devote more time then you, but whats he finally get, nothing.

I am not criticized on your spiritual practice but this is fact.

Dear Satya, 10 years is enough time for energize your body (through daily mantra chanting)because when you touch any conductive object, you fill spark from your top finger part. This power actually works under your mental direction during any sadhana and then come success after that.

Success in sadhana is not a single word, it is combine result of many effort, such as your daily life activity, your eating habit, your life style, your effort, your mentally and verbally vibration due to this reason 99% sadhak is unsuccessful. so you think seriously and analyze yourself on this point.
Follow some points:-
1) You do daily chanting Guru mantra-21 mala, Chaitanya mantra-1 mala & Gayatri mantra-1 mala eiter early morning or night (in between 11 PM to 1 PM in static position, there should be no movement in your body part during chanting.

2)Forget all sadhana for one years

3)Do mediation every day for concentration.

4)Daily read PADUKA PANCHKAM before chanting mantra.

5)Do simple puja, try to do everything mentally.

6)Control your food habit with daily life activity.

7)Dont Share your Aashan with any other member. Aashan should be woolen. Direction should be east (morning) and North (At night)

8)Always remember your spiritual life objective.

9)You do this regularly for one year but you contact to me after six months for further instruction on some point.

If there is any problem on understanding, please write to me on

M. Nikhil

Goldy said...

Mealy nice painting Sir. Your effort is good on this. If any body want to buy this painting then how to do...

Satya Singh said...

Khane se Sadhna ka kya sambandh hai waise main pure vegetarian hu.kisi bhi tarah ka nasha nahi karta even chai bhi nahi peeta BT main gym jata hu majboot sharir ka shauk hai isliye diet thora heavy or full of protein fruits milk etc rehta hai to kya is se bhi koi samasya hog I.please tell.thank u.

Manoj Nikhil said...

Dear Satya,

Different foods produce different effects on different compartments of the brain. For purposes of meditation, the food should be light, nutritious and sattwic. However, you should not make sudden changes in anything, particularly so in matters pertaining to food and drink. Let the change be slow and gradual. The system should accommodate it without any trouble. Also remember that a yogic student who spends his time wholly in pure meditation needs very little food, but a yogi who ascends the platform for vigorous, active work requires abundant, nutritious food.
Diet is directly connected with the mind and our body because food nourishes our mind and our body. There are three kinds of diet/food- Sattwic, Rajasic and Tamasic which produce different effects on our body part or brain.
So for beginner, Sattwic diet is only suitable for sadhana, gradually when increase a cosmic energy in your body, then your body also goes gradually from macro to micro energy level and then finally your body directly connected with the ultimate source of energy at frequency level ie cosmic energy level. And at that time food/diet concept is not working and it produce no any effects on our body/mind.
Best example is Aghor Sidh Sadhak whose diet is totally unsocial but he is living on cosmic level and he absorbs energy at cosmic level.
But we are not a Sidha Sadhak because our body is not capable to absorb energy in the form of cosmic energy from any objects-(food, dead body, non-living object, air everything whatever you see or touch). So here food/diet concept is important for Sadhak.
You do one thing; you do experiment on yourself for getting practical experience/learning on this topic. You spend 12 days on sattwic food/diet(and continue your daily sadhana) and observe daily yourself-Your Mind Status/Activity (Thinking topic, Thinking deviation & What you have seen in your Dream) & Your body activity:-

•First three days (1-3 days)- Make your sattwic food/diet your own self and observe yourself

•Next three days (4-6 days)- Take sattwic food/diet which is made by either your mother or sister and observe yourself.

•Next three days (7-9 days)- Take sattwic food/diet which is made by other person which is not your family member and observe yourself.

•Last three days (10-12 days)-Take sattwic food/diet anywhere from market-Dhaba, & local hotel.

This will gives a clear answer to you on your query.

Jai Gurudev

Manoj Nikhil said...

Dear Goldy, Thanks for showing interest in my painting. 30% advance paid rest 70% paid after receiving my painting. Right now I have tie up with some Art trade company for money payment. I am working on professional art website for my online art show and sell, will soon complete.

Bhaskar Kumar said...

Thank you very much for your posts.Sir I have never done any sadhna nor have i any saad Guru. But I have one wish. ......I would like to hear from
krishna a few verses of the Bhagvat Geeta if not the Arjuna. I have read thhat Urvashi resides in the heart of the lord. So after Urvashi sadhna I aspire to reach HIM. Will you help me a bit.My mail

Kaushal Kumar said...

Dear Sir

Nice painting, given information creates a curiosity in my mind about Apsara Sadhna and spiritual world. I requested to you please guidance on this regard.

Thank You

Raj Panchal said...

Dear Guruji myself raj panchal. I am doing worship of my Godess chamunda from last 4 years. I do daily mantra jaap of Godess Chamunda. Now i want to perform apsara sadhana for some good work and want to help other and also want to reduce their problems. So please guide me.

Manoj Nikhil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Manoj Nikhil said...

Dear Raj

In your spiritual life, only Guru can help you. We have not seen a GOD but Guru Is present on this earth in the form of GOD. GOD and GODESS is also give a respect to Guru bcz Guru is only representative of GOD. If Chamunda Maa is your GODESS then you can easily perform Apsara Sadhna but it must be ok from your Guru side. I requested to you please not call me as a Guru. This holy and respected word keep only for your GURU.

Jai Gurudev

Pratik Panchal said...

Dear Manoj Nikhil,

I am interested in doing yakshini sadhana. but all i have in terms of knowledge is by means of internet blogs (much like yours). I do not have a guru. I have assumed lord shiva as my guru and started doing some basic sadhanas. like dyaan of lord shiva by chanting 'OM Namah Shiva'.

i am curious to know and understand Rati priya Yakshini sadhana. could you please help me in understanding the detailed procedure of this sadhana? it will be of great help.
my email id is
thank you

shivam singh said...

Respected ManojNikhil ji
I am 22 year old Software Engineer
I m tired of this life style i m living(smoking, alcohol, lying etc).
I want a spritual life. I need a GURU who guide me and i can trust him blindly . Help me plz.

Manoj Nikhil said...

@ Pratik- Guru is needed in spiritual journey and there is no option for you regarding on this. There are lots of reason behind on this. Try to observe and learn about this on ground level. Lord Shiva is ultimate Guru in cosmic form but in physical world Guru is representative of Lord Shiva on this earth so there is no difference between Guru and Lord Shiva. You live in this world so you need a Guru who lives in this world due to your mental, your understanding level and your acceptance level as per our nature's law so Guru is needed as per your level and this is needed for you.
You always remember that Guru is present every where in different level of cosmic world as per their cosmic level and their nature law only to help us and giving immortal knowledge. You are not able to contact Lord Shiva for getting direct direction and indication about spiritual journey and if you able then there is no need to any physical Guru but this is not possible as per your current level.
Dear Pratik there are lots of hidden information and ritual process in every specific sadhana which only get from Physical Guru. You get a result or reaction during sahana, there are lots of hidden reason behind this result and reaction which you not able to understand only Guru can understand this and HE able to give right direction during that time and also protect his Sisya or followers from any dangerous situation during any sadhana So you focus only on Guru which is representative of Lord Shiv on this earth. So you please go through on right direction for Sadhana.You read some basic and practical book on Guru.

Manoj Nikhil said...

I appreciate your right and good decision. You can take Gguru Dikcha from our Respected Trimurti Pujya Gurudev. but you need to prepare yourself about your responsibility towards Pujya Gurudev, your lifestyle, your descipline and daily life routine before taking Dikcha. This is necessary for you for success in your sadhana. You read some basic good book on about Guru, Sisya and Dikcha. My wishes is always with you.

Manoj Nikhil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Do u have a any guru bro ....and no any guru I will teach u best way for pratyakshi karan ......

Pujya Gurudev & Guru Maa

Pujya Gurudev & Guru Maa
Pujya Gurudev & Guru Maa

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Graece suscipit


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I have got an introduction about Pujya Gurudev in childhood (1990) and got a Gurumantra in 1992 from Pujya Gurudev in dream and then finally Pujya Gurudev called me and gave me a Gurudikchcha in proper way in Panipat Gurupurnima Shivir (1993) and also I have meet first time with Pujya Gurudev face to face in this memorable shivir. I have spent some time (more than one year) in Gurudham-Delhi with Pujya Gurudev during-1997-1998.

My actual spiritual journey starts from 1992 under the guidance of Pujya Gurudev and this journey still continue for getting Universal Truth, due to this reason I have also interested in pure spiritual ritual process for inner spiritual progress.

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